Hey, I'm Nati,

I was born and raised in Israel, and at the moment I live in Germany. I’m a self-taught illustrator and animator. I play with materials, scan objects, and use my photography skills to catch emotions, symbols, and textures.  In the creation process, I mix them all together to create mixed media digital art, characterized by a collage psychedelic style. Every work has a story, based on my insights and personal experiences. Some of them are dark, and the others are full of self-humor and fun.

I love animation. This way I can use movement and sound to give life to the characters and evoke stronger emotions. Sometimes it seems to me, that they develop personalities of their own, and they become partners in the creative process. I use augmented reality technology (Artivive) to present printed artworks as animation. The observer is welcome to download the app for free and use his phone to watch the animations.

nati golan animation artist

what I do.

Music videos for musicians who need visual presentation of their music and vibe


Short animations for writers, poets, and musicians who want to spice up their social media

Ads for social media, helping brands to tell their unique story, and promote their products in a fun and colorful way

Reels for small businesses that don't have time to deal with video editing on a daily basis

Licensing to use artworks on websites or physical locations

Wall art, birthday cards, invitations, and prints that come to life using augmented reality technology 

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